Love is not a choice

Anonymous asked: Is tally the first girl you liked or how did you know she was more than a friend? This is personal sorry ):

No worries friend! I’ll answer the occasional personal question if I feel comfortable :)

Hmmm she’s definitely the first girl I recall having a real crush on, & I’m laughing bc I would always check her blog to see if she was at least a little gay and then it ended up that we became more than friends bc, in her words, we were acting ‘really gay with each other’ lololol

West Coast by Ianception

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stormy seas + memories of earlier this winter

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  1. untitled by Victoria Lin
  2. unity by Leif Podhajský
  3. unity by Leif Podhajský
  4. LACMA by Aitor Agirregabiria

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Do your parents know you and tally are dating? Jw!

Noo, I’m afraid of how mine will react once they find out since they’re good parents and all, but they don’t really know how to connect with me and are somewhat small-minded/bigoted about some issues so idk.
Tallys parents kind of know & she’s gonna tell them soon but they’re weird about it too so idk how that’s gonna work out.

If I could offer any advice to someone in a similar situation, it would be to strive to be as honest as you can, especially with people you care about because it’s better in the long run to be truthful than have a relationship that’s strained by lies and other such stressors.

Anonymous asked: how do I find out if I like girls (i don't know of any open ones))

Hmmmm I’m not sure how to answer this! Can you see yourself someday dating or marrying a girl, have you ever had a crush that goes beyond just wanting to be like someone and instead wanting to be with them? You could try taking the Kinsey test, not that it’s all that accurate considering human sexuality is so complicated, but you could try it! Good luck lil babe


looking at really successful people your own age like “this could be me but i’m playin”

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